What do you think of the 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco?

Asked by CarGurus Oct 31, 2008 at 05:52 PM about the 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco

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What is so great about this car? Have you ever driven one?

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Sweet Car. Looking forward to driving it when it reaches the states.

Oh man that looks nice...bring it to the US...way better looking then my Golf

very euro styling... good job... the back end kinda reminds me of that one little Volvo they recently released...

Yes - the back end of the car looks like a C30 from Volvo. Looks like a lot of fun to drive.

Welcome back to the Scirocco...great car...now it needs to come to the USA

Just looks like a golf, whats the point?? stick a golf in fancy dress and people will buy it too, just another way to sell more cars in my opinion..

I would like to take a test drive now. It looks awesome to me!!

You don't have to test drive it. It is as good as you'd imagine. I drove it today(2.0TSI DSG), and there was nothing wrong with it. The only thing you might wanna ad is 4-motion (and more horses).

Lame....oh so lame. Get it together Volkswagen! Looks like a late 90s civic.

"Wade Rae-Arthur wrote: Lame....oh so lame. Get it together Volkswagen! Looks like a late 90s civic." AGREED.

At Aran Vaghefi: Yeah, selling cars is generally what being a car company is all about. Shame on Volkswagen for trying to sell more cars. I'll definitely buy one if it comes to the US in a reasonable time frame.

thus car is the future for all fans of volkswagen

hey guys well i'm german and this car is nothing for the US it's a typical german car. it has an design for europe an engine made for europe. enough horsepowers to go 240km/h and the feeling you have is just amazing. and do not forget the "gasmilage"(gas per 100km(100miles)) and a peugeot 206 is way smaller

sharp but still can't compete with the civic si. sorry boys

It's a poor copy of the Alfa Romeo Brera. Leave style to the Italians VW!

sorry guys but it will never compare to the greatness of the scirocco storm which was an awesome classic

if anyone else thinks it looks like a 206 go and get your eyes cheched, i was an owner of a scirroco but have not got a G60 corrodo, no offence to any americans out there but european cars can do 1 simple thing that AMERICAN cars cant do, WHICH IS GO ROUND CORNERS, how can u guys build a 4.2 ltr muscle car (ie the new musang) and only get tops 450hp whereas mistibushi can get 420hp out of a 2ltr?

The Volkswagen Scirocco has 197 break horse power 2 liter turbo. I had no idea. It sounds pretty cool. The car that I have is a 1994 Chrysler with a 3.5 liter. I don't think it has any horse power, but it has good gas mileage. I definitely buy a scirocco once it is shifted to the USA.

The interior rocks however I think the exterior looks like an 80's Datsun! Don't get me wrong, huge VW fan... just looking for more stand out wow factor!

its a vw,not made for the us smiple as that, when vw makes a us car let me know!

I have a Jetta and had my first scirocco in 1987, I too am disappointed by the exterior look of the car. Rock on Jetta

I don't like it, it looks like a clone of every other hatch back out there...can't vw come up with something totally different?

this makes me ashamed to love vw how dare they discrace the scirocco with thes junk we need a blast from the past

ehhh Volkswagen I will never ever drive one

My Favorite Car, ever. 1981 VW Scirocco S. I had it for 8 years, put 260,000 miles on it, got side swiped and totaled the car. That was the only reason I got rid of it. I was THRILLED to hear about VW bringing that car back. So...where is it, because that squished Golf they are showing is a huge disappointment!

all you morons critisizing it. No car beats German cars. End of story. I don't wanna hear your worthless opinions you people don't know the first thing about cars, but are the first to open you mouth an critisize. I wanna see you beat a german car in quality, engine, perfromance, and handling. with your ricer or american piece of sh*t. better create your own car that will beat a German car. Until then keep your mouth shut.

its not really old...its new but everyone adds old to it because it has the same name....just like the new charger, challenger, mustang same name just updated. anyways good look to front make s it agressive. nice large rim size and sporty hatchback-esk rear.

0-62 in 7 seconds? pretty sure a toyota siena does about 7.5.....

Mike Dittmer: Are you freakin kidding? All this Jazz about German engineering blah blah blah. VW is a good car, but they are by far from "the best" Just ask Consumer Reports. Do you realize that their "new" Routan is just a rebadged Chrysler?!?!

Hey Mike, Relax buddy. Everyone commenting on this is a VW owner or previous owner. We love VW's that is why we are here. Just think VW could have done better with the design of the car. So..who's the moron?

Gabe: Don't you realize VW is merely using Chrysler to gain a spot in the Mini-van scene, once again. The only reason they used Chrysler is because of its popularity and crash test ratings. They will design and manufacture their own, once they are on their feet in the market. Their marketing and design teams are very crafty!

Looks like a sumo wrestler came along and sat on a golf and flatened it out a bit

its a dignafied Honda Fit. I'd prefer to see this on the road then a Fit however this was a big miss... sad to see it

I'm buying one as soon as there releases in the US...

that thing screams well you can't say it on here...


vdubs are amazing cars. I love em. German engineering priced for the people.

the car is queer as hell i wouldn't drive it if someone gave it to me

yeah, not too impressed with it. it looks almost like a ford focus that was flattend a little

I was just thinking of this car earlier today for no reason. I really like it, and if VW maybe boosted the 4-cyl to GTI Ed.30 power, it'd be a pretty good alternative to ... the GTI. It's got charm, but they probably wouldn't sell many here. Now, is it "Suh-rocco" or "Sha-rocco?"

that thing is ugly but it is a new look 4 them

Just FYI, it's not coming to the States. Also, I think it's a little more than a dignified Honda Fit, it's definitely faster and it's not an econobox.

fuckin naggers thats a piece of shit... my cbr 1100xx will smoke that thing like at camel light... haha BIOT!!! name that and ill buy you a beer!

I like it! I would buy one in a heart beat if it was 6 speed. . . no tiptronic (spelling?) shit and was a VR. . . . despite gas issuethey screw!

i think its between its sexy cause its vdub but its enginr probably sucks monkey tits

um excume ur being raceist against black ppl ur a realy rude person u shuold get kicked out of facebook

I think it looks a lot like the SEAT LEON, I know it's the same house. They didn't take the time to really come out with something new and cool for the coupe/sport market. I would buy the the golf gti or the R32 way before this scirocco

ugly doesn't even look close to the original

Robert, that's not the point. And besides, the original Scirocco was one of the most hideous cars on the road. Consider this an upgrade.

i think its alright, would be cooler if it were all wheel drive, front wheel drive cars are boring and no fun to drive

the only good looking VW so far in my opinion, it's about time!!

its not supposed to look like the old one i think its a fantastic looking car

wow...am i the only one that likes this car??? :-P

Interesting but not So sure about the strange edgy front Lined grill & lights on a curvy Lined car

vw suck what makes it worse is that they copied the volvo c30

I like this one. I think VW did a good job. I wonder what Top Gear will think about it.

Its a Car with great potencial as a street car, a few fixes with the body kit and things like that :D

oh come on already! am i the only one that thinks its nothing like a scirocco? the car looks like a volvo or a renault.

lol k...maybe i should have read more comments first! i'm an ass.

Are they cutting the GTI? or just over saturating their small car line up.

I think I will stay with my Suubie, doesn't compare with the wrx

its looks exactly like the new saturn that just came out....but those are pretty nice....i think this will be another tuner car in no time

they are not cutting the GTI they almost didnt bring it to the states because they thought it would hurt GTI sales.

You spelled dumb "dum". You called German cars weak, but can we think of the beauty that the Volkswagen Audi Group produces. I hate to tell you but American cars just don't cut it anymore. Foreign cars can't be beat in durability and quality, hate to break it to you. And yes Hitler developed Volkswagen, which translates to "people's car". He did a good thing and created just that, but in modern times Volkswagen has no affiliation with the Nazi party of the past. So please keep your dumb, with a B, comments to yourself you stupid redneck.

P.S. This car is hot, it's about time VW brought back the Scirocco! Now if we could get a new Corrado...

by the way dum "B" ass, american huh? so you want everybody to buy a ford mustang (domestic no?) which is made of 65% foreign parts.

all american cars are made up of more than 50% foreign parts. plus the muscle cars are built with metric parts too fyi like the mustang, trans am, and camaro

German cars are the best,besides american companies always require the govt. to bail then out...fyi GM is in trouble now and obama says american auto companies have to be bailed out... German companies Porsche,Audi,VW,BMW,Daimler, ...name it they all stand out from the common mans car to the luxury ones....dont tell me u guys are comparing Ford to anyone of the above ...thats a laugh

dude best car ever created is the 1967 pontiac gto, porsche's are the stupid cares ever created, same with vw, audis are chicks cars.

back on the road ,u want jetta vr6 2000 im looking for a cash down on that new dub

Taylor your an idiot the germans make better,faster, and more reliable cars than americas or the japanese ever could.

i wouldn't say much about porsche... they are a totally different car plus they have more traction than my camaro in the wet. @ oliver gray... i'm impressed with german cars coz they can hold up on the autobahn. as to reliability, they are just on par with my dometic. i'd have a scirocco in my garage to smash that pedal.. :)

I agree with Oliver Gray that Taylor is an idiot, however japanese cars are just as reliable if not slightly more reliable that european cars. They can both take quite a beating, however japanese cars handle new drivers better especially in stick shift versions because a lot of new drivers over rev their engines like idiots. Japaneses cars can take a lot more over revs than a european car. On top of that american cars dont all suck, just the direction most are going. Ford and GMC might as well give up, Chrysler however works with Mercedes-Benz and has a chance. On top of that every dodge my families owned has lasted me over ten years with about 200,000 miles and then we trade in. Its just that most people are automotively challenged and dont understand your supposed to take care of your car, not play demolishion derby and never wash it or change the oil.

william wells you are an idiot, Daimler/ Benz is no longer the main share holder of Chrysler after it was bought/ sold to the Cerberus Group. And you say dodge has lasted you... Dodge, Chrysler, Jepp, all the same. As for GMC, they just sell rebadged Chevy trucks/ suvs. And the fact that Japo cars are more reliable than Domestic is a stereotype that has been blown way out of proportion... when you were once the biggest (in terms of sales) auto manufacturer, quality control slides, as well the more vehicles you sell the more problems you will have... say one company sell 1000 vehicle and has 10 problems, where another sells 100 and has 1 problem, same percent, neither company more reliable than the other.... this was one of the problems that GM faced with Toyota in the 90's (and yes GM was also lacking in quality that it has today), and Toyota has had a huge amount of recalls and problems this year, but when you look at percentages compared to smaller companies, its about the same. As for others sayin German cars are better, again somewhat a stereotype, people are paying more for the 'exoctic' euro cars so they would like to believe they are better. Lets reference GM again, they own Opel, Vauxhall, and Saab... all those companies have great sales in Europe, and according to you guys they are more reliable, when in reality 75% of those car are either domestic cars rebadged under those names or vise-versa... Get your damned facts straight and maybe the economy would be quite the shit it is. Also... Nicholas Coll... you dont like things american, get the hell out... people bitch and bitch, so why not leave. Im not even american and it pisses me off. And Taylor, come one man, its obviously the 69 GTO... as for best car today, ZR1 is lookin mighty fine (yeah thats right you Japo/ Nazi sled drivers a Chevrolet), 638hp 100g's, and fast than your older brothers gay Civic with go fast lights, 'huge' 16" rims, and sick window tint.

Looks good , but why bring back a scirocco? and out of all this, domestic, japanese, european argument, how many of you are mechanics?? and can truely say shit about a cars build? other than what you read and hear??? and i dont mean you change oil for a living.... i worked for many years at a foreign car shop.. and i dont know how many brake pedal switches, and broken dipstick handles, and omg you ever put an axel in a vw what a pain in the ass.. or a clutch what idiot thought of putting clutch in backwards with a hollow input shaft... but overall its the cheap smelly interior plastic that gets me ... eeh vws are ok.. there just german, hell there primary parts suplier is bosch, ever put those bosch plugs in your car?? no they suck... you run NGK... a japanese plug (if you possibly can) well i do in my turbo car anyway geez guys ...

The best high performance sport car of all time is the 1969 camaro and the best new sports high performance cars are the 2009 KR edition mustang and the 2010 chevrolet camaro and the best fast and furious sports car of all time is the mitsibishi evolution and the best classic is the 1964 & a half mustang fast back, the best thing that chrysler and mercedes ever caim up with is the slr mclaren with the lambo doors and the best thing that general motors came up with in there trucks was the 2002 silverado and seirra quadra steering 4wd and the best car of all time has to be the countach(lamborghini)

eeh the new corvette is nice, but why do you need all that displacement? oh yea there still using PUSHROD TECHNOLOGY from the 60s... you can make the same amount of power with half the displacement and a turbo charger...and get better fuel economy and a more driveable torque curve... not one that blows its dick off for twenty seconds before grabbing the tarmac... and have you driven a new corvette its still a point and shooter.. not an scca dream or nothin.. it still wants to come arround when ever you get lead footed with it.. the nissan gtr is a mighty fine piece of engineering and for corners theres no mistaken what AWD does.... cofidence inspiring anyone....

eeh , id say the nissan Skyline GTR,( BNR34) in the pinicle of the strt 6 wars in japan, comon str8 6 with two turbos, individual t.bs, AWD, with 3 differentials being electronically controlled??? ( id say a tommy Kaiara edition.. eeh 99 model would be my fav) specially for the money... italy makes some nice cars, but there too damn expensive for what you get. And as for those 60s and 70s models you guys keep mentioning .. suspension technology was so lack lustre back then, there not even comparable unless your saying for that era meaning (aggainst other cars of the same time period)... comon boys think now...

new scirocco, not bad for a vw, but in this economy im not gonna go beg the local dealer for one, the competition still has some ups on em... and it kinda looks like a saab from the front...

Daimler sold their Chrysler part about 2 years ago. Mercedes Benz is no longer affiliated with Chrysler. They lost about 3 billion Euros with the whole Chrysler adventure.

Wow... looks nice... then again looks like most other cars on the market (yes, it looks like a Saab 92 that we never saw)... lol But Scirocco again??? Why... I mean I loved the older scirrocco.. that was a cool car for the time with very little to rival it in the category, but now... I don't know... Don't know much about how it will run, but for the price, I'm sure there will be many other alternatives to look into... Until then...

Affraid it looks like every other new car on the market....come on vw...you killed the beetle by re styling it......give us a proper Rocco

doesn't look 2 bad... but I'll remain an avid BMW fan!

i think it is quite a good looking car ... but even though it reminds me too much on a 1994 Honda Civic mixed with a 1998 Peugeot 306 and a side line of a 2007 BMW 1 series ... they should have kept the old scirocco style and just re-produce the car as dodge has done with the challenger ...

hey guys this is a really nice looking carrrrr........

not much, you can do better, it looks so regular

does'nt look like much off a car, it reminds me of my lunchbox. i would rather ride my bicycle

True its nice looking ,But Dodge By far has the Best looking carson the Road.

There is a lot out there that looks a lot like it. "It is Nothing Special"

not my type of car ------but the new 2009 camero that is more my style lol

they could have work on it more,,,,,well personally it passes as a golf 6 because the new golf 6 sucks.....back is too detailed design taken from renualt but it passes....even though dont like it.

The car has style... I just don't like it. I do however, like the seeming arched up appearance

i want to kno how fast it goes i love it if it went 200 lol

If this ccar was produced by BMW or Mercedes-Benz I would buy it but this car has too many relatives who look the same (Golf,Eos Passat etc)

it is good looking, if its bigger than the GTI then maybe theyve brought something to look at, but other than that its not that exciting because its the same as any other 2 door hatchback out there

It's very nice to look at and I'm sure the interior is beautiful after sitting in some of the other 09's at the car show. BUT... it would be nice if it was a rear wheel drive or AWD...I'm sick of FWD cars.

thats a lame lookin car it looks to much like everything else thats out right now... the old scirocco's were but this one isnt

Nice looking car, lets see how it compares to other cars this style (like the MazdaSpeed 3) in performance & PRICE!!!

Varför VW Golf när denna finns... Billigare, snyggare och exakt samma bil i grunden!!!

it's bullshit we're not getting this in the united states

Very nice car indeed... Cali Mitchell has a good point there, though, about the FWD!!!

god its hideous. Goofy little hatchback. Like a minature crossover. bleh

Not bad for a VW, I bet the gas mileage is pretty good. :-)

its just an audi a3 with a meaner front end, but i like it

vw owns audi, the scirocco has a 2.0t engine, the interior came from a golf gti. why would vw use a volvo parts to build a car?

its OK- wouldn't buy one. nice Price point though....! :-) not a big fan of front wheel drive...

I have the MKII scirroco which is called a corrado

I have a new VW Jetta. I enjoy the power, handling and comfort of this family VW. I would like to test drive the Scirocco.

I have a Golf V and I have always loved VW, the Scirocco is a blast! it's a Golf V... coupe

Not bad for being modern, but I still appreciate the original one.

Nice just too bad its a VW. Being that VW has the WORST quality rating in the buisness....

I have a VW jetta and its so comfortable. this new one is a bomb.

not bad stock..will it be the new type of car to modify i wonder?? guess ill just have to wait n find out!

i prefer the original but i wouldnt turn down owning either

it looks like a Golf just threw up... no thanks yo

dont like it ... seems a bit too like a alfa romeo brera to me... just a little too much!

best looking VW to date and you Yanks should go and sort out your fucked up economy and stop yapping about your v8 gas gusslers, Get a life 'IROC' haters

the best ting bout dis car is da badge (vw) and for you's who dnt like em, dnt for get what makes the bugatti go like fuck, but hey they are 2 different cars lol.

as for the bugatti...I'll give you a little history lesson: the 16 cyl quad turbo veyron was an original production for and by audi brand, was produced for audi. Once the final version was produced, audi and bugatti decided it was too exotic to launch under the audi brand, so they decided to lauch it under the bugatti label. the motor is based off the "W-12" motor platform and expaned to the 16 cylinders. volkswagen is a brand name that (as far as german engineering goes) under achieves as far as german engineering goes. the veyron should have put a de-tuned version of it's motor in the audi R-8 and it would have been a much larger hit as compared to the overly exotic version in the veyron which almost nobody can afford, let alone drive. The esp in the veyron had to stepped up so much that it's almost impossible to put that power to use until about 85 mph...

IROC haters??? wtf...VW's are crap...dispite of what comes out of america and your BS opinion...I drive a toyota! I'll drive over this bitch car and rip it a new asshole..along with pugeot and another other piece of shit you can throw my way. BTW, fuckin chevy and ford would walk all over this ass licking shit. Fukin shit, a ford would walk all over this shit ...not to mention chevy :D

Im a chevy lover, but you can't under estimate the engineering aspect of the germans! I now work for audi and have become a believer (although I still lover the domestic trucks!!!!!!!!!)! Lets talk about the differences between the german engineering and domestics: the new corvette has a 6.0l v8 which produces about the same amount of power as the audi rs4/straight 6 of the m3. price difference...about the same. power... the vette may take it off the line, but try driving it in the snow. you lack the creature comforts and quattro all-wheel drive which nobody can touch! there's lots more to discuss if you want... just say the words!

Still looks like the Golf GTI, don't think I'll trade in my Honda for that. Where is it assembled ? Does make a difference as far as VW is concerned...

If you think it looks like a GTI look at this version. I'd love to have one of these in my garage for track-day: http://img.worldcarfans.com/2008/5/large/9080506.002.1L2.jpg And VW doesn't underachieve as far as engineering is concerned. They're the Entry Level car in VW AG. That's like saying Toyota underachieves when compared to Lexus. The 2.0L FSI Turbo is on most magazine's top 10 list of engines over the past 10 years, and the previous 1.8T was an amazing beast of an engine as well. Their new 1.4L TSI (Twin-Charger as they call it) makes 170 HP and can get up to 38.2 MPG. So no, VW does not underachieve.

Well when I was a Chevy owner, I bumped a VW at about .5 mph...Which ='ed out to $600. I don't really care what's over engineereed; quatro AWD, diesel technology, veyron, etc....if it can't take a bump without a bruse, I won't own it. Well, maybe I'd take the veyron, if you wanted to give it away...hehehehee

The buggatti's disappointing. It has an 8.0l w16 quad-turbo charged engine, producing 746kw(1000hp), yet the new koenigsegg ccxr has a 4.7l v8 twin supercharged engine which produces 1020hp. The engine's almost half the size of the buggati's. Nd uses less forced induction. So i'd say germans aren't marvelous when it comes to engines

y is every one talkin about chevy its a damn volkswagon and it sucks if u wanna see a real car come see ma ford gt babeee

Tell us a lil more Cory, since you say that it was based on the w-12. . . exactly what did they do to make the engine a w-16?

lets do the math...w-12 to a 16 cyl means they obviously added 4 cylinders plus 4 turbos. is that easy enough for you to understand? or do you want more tech specs???? I can provide much more if you want....just specify the questions!!!! If you want, call the questions...!!! ill blow your mind!

Im willin to be you DONT have a ford GT...you look like you prob have a honda civi or maybe a honda prelude...which is it??? you obviously can't talk the talk/walk the walk...the most you've had is 4 banger power which you can't extend past!!!! that's all good and there's nothing wrong with that!! but if you want to talk it, be prepared to walk it...!!

This car looks amazing. Just need to win the lottery to buy it!

tha car is great..'m wonderin' how much could tha car cost??

Nice, car and how much does it cost?? OH, and the cory guy posts some gay comments!!!

Nice Job VW producing a economical car that looks good we need that in these times Well Done!

very very nice....some one want to lend me the bucks!!!

i've always liked the scirocco and this one made me like it even more.

not a big fan of hatchbacks, but it is pretty nice

who ever said "looks like the Saab 92 we never got" is on crack... the Saab 92 was a rebadged WRX wagon and did hit the market for 2 years until GM sold its share in Subaru. not mention the 92x was a 4 door wagon, and didnt have a slopping roof line, had a visible b pillar, and c and d pillars. but hey, both cars have 4 wheels do maybe you're right

BUY AMERICAN!!! Pontiac G8 GXP-- horsepower, room, and pretty decent mileage for a big V8 sedan

They definately look like a civic hatch. I think they need to come out with the Rabbit in a diesel 5-speed. I still like the Scirocco though.

why would they remake the Rabbit as a diesel?

Okay.. I'm strangely drawn to this car; even though it looks NOTHING like the original Scirocco that I fell in love with!

Very nice car, but I think I will keep my S4

Nearly identical to the Volvo C30 from the side. Nice looking car though...

From the front it reminds the new headlights of the Mitsubishi Evo

I don't get it: we're allowed to have a rebadged Chrysler minivan, but not the new thunder? Let us love you again; give us the good stuff!

It would be nice if the diesel engines came to the states.

Do you still have to fold yourself up to get into it is your head still touching the roof like the '75?

i got it! its a cross between a Peugeot and a Evo.

ok so all we have to do now iis wait another 20 years for a new corrado

It looks like a peuguot, but hey guess what? It's not, it's a VW SCIROCCO! And it's hot and beter that any Peuguot!

I'm excited, since this was the very first car that I bought (back in the 70's)

that's two MK2,s super cars better looking than this heap of rounded of plastic

I would have to stick with American cars still although it is a rather interesting car.

hey nice car look like big car peuguot..............

I owned an older model scirocco and it was pretty hot for a small car....the new one looks even hotter and sounds like a pretty quick car.COOL!

It is not coming to US, as many other good cars. I wonder what would happen if small diesel engines 1.1 - 1.4 start coming in US with 60-70 MPG. the big 3 have to shut completely...

I think this is a disgrace to the older scirroco, loooks like a pos

i own an '85 scirocco and this looks mad cool :)

It's not the original but it better make it to the states!

it looks like a Prius in the front and a new Matrix in the back.... not fussy!...

VW is bringing back a great car! The Scirocco! (I hope they bring back the Carrado too!)

I totally remember you being in love with the Scirocco!

mike dimitrov... those 1.0L diesels dont put out enough power for my bike... bicycle. the big three.. actually GM just going under mean all there suppliers go down, so say good bye to ford, chrysler, toyota, honda... everyone hating on the big 3 is doing absolutely no good... GM getting a bail= not good, but GM going under= terrible

It's funny to read your messages! I'm from Belgium and I can tell you many mistakes you made! First of all it is not existing diesel engine under 1.3 in whole europe! Apart from very small models without the need of driving license! Secondly Andy, I'm working for Toyota Europe and it is the opposite that what you think! If GM has to stop it is such a profitable thing for Toyota! Finally the one who said that the front of scirroco looks like a prius has never seen scirocco (even on picture) (carrado is false, it is cOrrado) See ya

It is gorgeous. always like the scirocco. Happy they brought the model back

It looks like a prius, wot a numpty!!!!Thats like sayin man utd play like blackpool, its aggressive more like the new evo with its evil slanted lights, fat rear end ,its like a pit bull rarin to catch a cat (prius) with the added advantage of bein a vw.... I had the Scala version in thew earlier yrs, i loved it, but this is in a diff league all together, this and an evo 10 are my fav looking production cars, literally evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!