• CarGurus ranks the best cars for learner drivers with sat nav
  • Ford Fiestas are the most searched for vehicle with sat nav in the 'first car' category
  • Skoda Citigo is the most affordable option with an average IMV of £6,244
  • If budget is no object, CarGurus contributing editor Chris Knapman recommends the BMW i3

With sat nav now playing a major role in new driving tests, CarGurus has rounded up the most with on board guidance systems. CarGurus have analysed thousands of listings to identify some of the best deals on their site. Used car expert and CarGurus contributing editor affordable cars for new drivers that come Chris Knapman has given his assessment of each car, helping drivers with their L plates to get from A to B the fastest and not heading down a one-way street in the wrong direction.

Best Cars with Sat Nav for Learner Drivers (in order of most searched for)

Ford Fiesta - £7,875 (Average IMV*)

Over the past 40 years the Ford Fiesta has probably suffered more slipped clutches, parking dings and botched parallel parks at the hands of learner drivers than any other car. It still remains the most enjoyable small car to drive by quite some margin, plus it's cheap to buy and there are plenty of used examples for sale equipped with Ford's sat nav system.

Toyota Yaris - £7,451 (Average IMV*)

Not only does the Yaris sit in one of the lowest insurance groups of all, it is also backed by Toyota's solid reputation for reliability, and is a doddle to drive thanks to its light controls and excellent visibility. New drivers can pick up a model with sat nav for around £7,000, making it great value too.

Renault Clio - £6,272 (Average IMV*)

Affordable to buy, cheap to run and good to drive, the Renault Clio has long been a great choice of first car. The fourth-generation model we've picked is the best yet in terms of interior space and ride comfort, and there are plenty of sat nav-equipped examples to be found. It might not be quite as cheap to insure as the Yaris, but in all other regards the Clio remains a top choice for first-time drivers.

Kia Rio - £7,250 (Average IMV*)

Think of the Rio as Kia's version of a Vauxhall Corsa, but with a seven-year manufacturer-backed warranty for peace of mind. Choose a model in 3 or 4 specifications and it'll come with an excellent built-in sat nav, while low CO2 emissions mean most models cost no more than £30 per year to tax.

Skoda Citigo - £6,244 (Average IMV*)

It might be the smallest car here, but the Citigo still earned a maximum five-star crash test rating from Euro NCAP and is the cheapest of our five to insure too. Rather than offering a built-in sat nav, Skoda kept costs down by supplying the Citigo with an aftermarket unit from Garmin that clips into the top of the dash - a neat solution in a neat little car.

BMW i3 - £24,548 (Average IMV*)

Money no object, what makes the perfect first car? A raised driving position with a clear view of the road ahead, a sensible footprint to help slot into small spaces, instant performance but not so fast that you'll get yourself into trouble, great manoeuvrability and a brilliant sat nav system: all of this and more can be found in the electric BMW i3.

The i3 has another ace up its sleeve as far as the sat nav goes, because it can be bought with a built-in head-up display that projects directions onto the windscreen, helping the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road at all times. Genius.

Speaking about the cars, Chris Knapman, CarGurus contributing editor and used car expert says;

"With the recently announced changes to the driving test, we wanted to give people an insight into the best cars to buy that suit learner or new drivers, but also give them an edge on the sat nav test. With the obvious exception of the BMW i3, the cars listed above are affordable to buy, cheap to run and also very safe. So leaner drivers can have an edge on their test and their parents can worry a little less too."

The list above was compiled by comparing popular cars for new drivers, all of which have a five-star Euro NCAP rating and the option of on-board satellite navigation systems.


*Instant Market Value (IMV)
Behind every car search on CarGurus, there is a mathematical algorithm that analyses and compares hundreds of thousands of used car listings daily. It factors in everything from registration year, make and model to mileage, options and location to determine a fair retail price that is referred to as the Instant Market Value.

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