• New 'Desirability Score' from CarGurus highlights the used cars most in-demand with UK buyers
  • Four pick-ups surprisingly feature in the Top 10 with Ford Ranger leading the pack
  • Dodge Nitro on list of the Most Desired Rare Models (under 100 for sale)

London, UK, 24th July 2018 - We might not necessarily need one, but it seems we're a nation obsessed with pick-up trucks.

The Ford Ranger, Toyota Hi-Lux, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200 surprisingly rank among the Top 10 Most Desired used cars on sale in Britain.

CarGurus, the online automotive marketplace created by TripAdvisor founder, Langley Steinert, analysed the number of shoppers searching for every model with at least 1,000 cars for sale since the start of the year to create its 'Desirability Score'.

Whilst the Top 10 includes some expected highly-desired choices, such as luxury SUVs Range Rover and Audi Q7, it also features the unexpected. Data shows the Ford Ranger is the most in demand used car on sale this year with 66 people searching for every model available.

Most in-demand used cars (at least 1,000 cars for sale since start of 2018)

Vehicle / CarGurus Desirability Score:

  1. Ford Ranger 66
  2. Range Rover 50
  3. Audi Q7 45
  4. Land Rover Discovery 42
  5. Porsche 911 39
  6. Toyota Hilux 34
  7. Nissan Navara 33
  8. Volvo XC90 33
  9. BMW X5 31
  10. Mitsubishi L200 27

Others to grace the Top 10 list included the Toyota Hilux with a Desirability Score of 34, Nissan Navara (33) and Mitsubishi L200 (27), to seemingly highlight Britain's new obsession with pick-up trucks.

The evergreen Porsche 911 was the only non-SUV and pick-up truck to make the hot list with 39 users searching for every model on sale.

"When we're buying our next car, we naturally consider the practicalities of the vehicle and search for the model that best fits our needs," says James Drake of CarGurus. "But what if there were no restrictions? The CarGurus Desirability Score is the automotive equivalent of window shopping - it shows the models we are most curious about or desire, even if our circumstances make a purchase unrealistic."

CarGurus also analysed those models with under 100 for sale since the start of the year to create the Desirability Score for the Rarest cars in Britain.

Here, the super luxury Bentley Arnage (338 user searches for every available model) and super car Lamborghini Gallardo (254) were joined in the Top 7 by the truly unique Dodge Nitro - the American built SUV that was launched in 2007.

Most in-demand used cars (under 100 for sale on CarGurus since start of 2018)

Vehicle / CarGurus Desirability Score:

  1. Maserati Quattroporte 422
  2. Bentley Arnage 338
  3. Audi RS4 Saloon 334
  4. Volkswagen California 267
  5. Dodge Nitro 259
  6. Lamborghini Gallardo 254
  7. Audi RS7 210

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About the research
Top 10 Most Desired used cars: Number of distinct user searches per vehicle listed on CarGurus with at least 1,000 on sale during 2018
Most Desired Rare Models: Number of distinct user searches per vehicle listed on CarGurus with under 100 on sale during 2018
The CarGurus Desirability Score has been calculated as the ratio of unique user searches to inventory listed on CarGurus.

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*Source: comScore Media Metrix, Multi-Platform, UK, percentage change in average unique monthly visitors from Q1 2017 vs Q1 2018, compared against AutoTrader.co.uk, Motors.co.uk, Gumtree.com-Motors, and PistonHeads sites.

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